Fukuoka (福岡市) is the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture, situated on the northern shore of the Japanese island of Kyushu. It is the most populous city on the island, followed by Kitakyushu. Fukuoka is the largest city and metropolitan area west of Keihanshin.  The Greater Fukuoka (福岡都市圏), with 2.5 million people (2005 census), is part of the heavily industrialized Fukuoka–Kitakyushu zone. The city’s economy is booming, and this trend promises to continue.

Conducting international and domestic business is simple with many hubs located just a short flight from Fukuoka. 96% of residents think Fukuoka is a pleasant place to live. (The remaining 4% probably didn’t understand the question.)

Why Fukuoka?

Music Therapy & Art project

11 reasons for starting up Handpan Japan project in Fukuoka

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?1. Fukuoka is the fastest growing city in Japan

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?2. Fukuoka is located in the Heart of East Asia

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?3. The city of Fukuoka is an Incredible Place to Live. Fukuoka is one of the most liveable cities in the entire world. Fukuoka was ranked the world’s 7th most liveable city in 2016 according to Monocle!

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?4. The Handpan’s economy is booming, and this trend promises to continue. Handpan Japan 「ハンドパン」 seeks to collaborate with craftsmen in Japan. Our objective is to introduce them to the Handpan, Made in France, and to develop partnerships to produce new Handpan accessories. We are committed to holding courses and workshops with the Handpan in Japan.

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?5. Handpan Japan 「ハンドパン」 has great partnerships with musical communities across the globe, giving you the chance to interact with other amazing companies, handcrafters, and artists/musicians.

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?6. Fukuoka is an incredible place to live with nature. Handpan Japan 「ハンドパン」 wants to leverage this opportunity to preserve the energy and development of new concepts through music (relaxation, music therapy, yoga).

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?7. Handpan Japan 「ハンドパン」 is a project of life, sharing and passion. Jimmy Braun’s daughter attends school in nearby Koga, a wonderful, seaside place for children to grow up.

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?8. Jimmy Braun ブラウン ジミー is a musician, journalist, blogger, and web designer. He has worked for Djoliba Percussions (in Toulouse, France) for 20 years.

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?9. Jimmy Braun and Djoliba Percussions collaborate on the project Spacedrum® and Zenko® with the company Metal Sounds. 70% of their production is sold internationally. Fukuoka is the ideal city to continue to develop the Metal Sounds brand (Spacedrum®, Zenko®) and create new partnerships with Japan.

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?10. The Handpan 「ハンドパン」is an amazing intuitive instrument. Children and the elderly alike can enjoy making music with the Handpan.

Why Handpan 「ハンドパン」Japan?11. The Handpan 「ハンドパン」player community in Japan is growing continuously. Handpan Japan aims to joyously bring people together and create a network for exchange and support.

Fukuoka Heart of East Asia

Fukuoka Heart of East Asia

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